ELECFAM Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of medical devices, mainly producing pen needles, which are the core base of diabetics.

CEO Greeting

In the realm of contemporary business, creative advancements and innovative solutions transcend mere choice, evolving into an absolute necessity. It is within this ever-changing landscape that our journey unfolds.  

With an illustrious career spanning three decades in both the IT and pharmaceutical industries, our founder has graced the stage of expertise and experience, culminating in the birth of a visionary start-up—specialized in pioneering medical devices and cosmetics. 

In our unwavering quest for excellence, we remain agile, actively adapting to the dynamic shifts in domestic and international markets. Our unwavering focus rests upon the spheres of beauty care and health functional foods, attuning us to respond adeptly to environmental changes. 

Forging strategic partnerships with distinguished domestic enterprises and multinational pharmaceutical companies, we embrace the spirit of creativity and perfection. As a leading foreign import and export trader, Elec FAM ardently devote ourselves to the pursuit of greatness, pushing the boundaries of possibility week after week. 

Embracing our role as a beacon of hope amidst the tempestuous waves of global commerce, Elec. FAM presents a new growth opportunity. With contemplation and courage, we drive bold changes and pioneering innovations, creating a distinctive overseas trade network that stands as an embodiment of Elec. FAM’s unique essence. 

Uncompromising in our commitment to deliver paramount quality and impeccable service, we are more than a mere catalyst for growth. Our full-time employees, bound by shared responsibilities and obligations, toil diligently to attain the zenith of success and emerge as an industry-leading global company. 

Embracing your dreams as our own, we pledge to steadfastly walk beside you, navigating the path to prosperity hand in hand. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for entrusting us with your aspirations. 

Thank you. 

Jeong Dong-eon, CEO of Elec. FAM Co., Ltd. 

Electronic Farm U.S Address

516 Myrtle Ave. Suite 261, Brooklyn NY 11205
Akv company is ElecF.A.M’s branch of the United States